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TCU General Chemistry: Bob Neilson
Questions before Exam 2
alecomte  -02/20, 02:08 pm- There was a practice prob
Dr. Bob -02/20, 02:46 pm- Alecomte.....In the previ
TCU Organic Chemistry: Jean-Luc Montchamp
tt -02/20, 03:45 pm- Dr. Montchamp, For the f
Dr. M -02/20, 04:15 pm- A journal article is a pr
tt -02/20, 04:59 pm- Dr. Montchamp, Sorry, fo
anon -02/20, 06:34 pm- After you grade our preli
Dr. M -02/20, 07:16 pm- So far, I have emailed a
A -02/21, 07:16 am- Dr. M, What is the proced
A -02/21, 07:26 am- Never mind I found it ití
Anon -02/21, 07:28 am- If I have an aromatic rin
Dr. M -02/21, 07:52 am- Use what you can. But th
Anon -02/21, 10:00 am- Hi Dr. Montchamp, I am i
Dr. M -02/21, 10:07 am- I do not know if it is wh
Anon -02/21, 11:08 am- What do you mean KBr shou
Dr. M -02/21, 11:09 am- Again, the mortar and pes
anon -02/21, 11:43 am- Hi, you already answered
Dr. M -02/21, 11:44 am- yes, you can.